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Royalty Concierge can offer you a wide array of property management services which are very beneficial to the international or out of state homeowner who needs someone to take complete care of their investment property or vacation home in Florida.

Now You can Relax, Your property is in good hands.

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About Royalty Concierge

Royalty Concierge was establish in 2002 by Emilio Jose Cardenal, a known real estate promoter of new luxury developments in South Florida. Through the years, Emilio Jose Cardenal realized that most of his clientele needed a property management company to whom they could entrust their properties with and provide a more personalized "concierge" service than what a typical management company was providing at the time.

Today's buyers or property owners want to spend less time solving problems and more time enjoying life, which is rightfully so. This is where Royalty Concierge Services comes in to play. Royalty Concierge is not a realty company, it is a high-tech solutions oriented service organization that caters to individuals who have vacation homes or rental properties in South Florida. Royalty Concierge's mission is to bring "Peace of Mind" in the ownership of real estate in Florida!

Royalty Concierge Services strongly believes that good management is an enormous help for creating Value and Enjoyment in Florida Real Estate. When you open an account with Royalty Concierge Services it will enable you to have access to a complete group of professionals who are ready to provide you with the right solutions for your every need: Accountants, Insurance Specialists, Real Estate Brokers, Financial Planners and Attorneys.

Our Services

  • Connect the Utilities to the Property
  • Receive Correspondence in our Office on behalf of the Owners
  • Make the Condominium and Mortgage Payments
  • Make the Utility Payments; Telephone, Electricity, Water, Cable, etc
  • Pre-qualify and Check references of the new Tenants
  • Handle the Tenant / Landlord Relations
  • Inspect Property before Tenant moves in and after the Tenant vacates the premises
  • Coordinate Cleaning of the Property
  • Coordinate and Supervise Regular Maintenance and Repairs
  • Coordinate and Supervise Emergency Repairs
  • Receive Rental Payments
  • Rent Collection
  • Coordinate the Eviction Process on behalf of the Owner
  • Review their Property Insurances
  • Make sure the Homeowner Insurance is Paid
  • Pay Property Taxes Yearly
  • Review the Year end Escrow Analysis
  • Provide the Owner a Periodic Monthly Statements Online
  • Inspect Property after vacated and coordinate the return security deposit
  • Handle the Relationship with the Condo/Homeowner Association and the Owner
  • Handle the Relationship with the Condo/Homeowner Association and the Tenant

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